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Fog and Nature

Trauma, Attachment & Post Adoption Support

“The nature, pattern, timing, and duration of the therapeutic experiences are very crucial in determining whether a “therapist” is genuinely therapeutic.”

- Bruce Perry

Developmental Trauma and Attachment is our specialism at Creative Therapy Options. We work with Children, Adults and Families to provide a nurturing, enlightening experience for our service users.

Our therapeutic centre offers the perfect environment to feel at ease, safe and a place to have fun! This unique environment offers the space to have a relaxing room of tranquility for a place to relax and explore feelings, as well as the large sensory integration gym, for body work and regulation, following a sequential model that mirrors the stages of brain development. We have a nurtured kitchen environment where the use of food and drink can be used for a sensory comforting experience, alongside the outdoor grounds on a 100 acre farmland site. We are committed to provide a client-led service and will use our Creativity  to ensure individual needs are met.


We provide a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments and therapeutic interventions for developmental trauma. As well as those discussed in their own sections, we also provide support for Bereavement, Traumatic Bereavement, Grief and Loss – through the medium of Group interventions, 1:1 counselling and training for professionals.

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