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Assessment packages are individually tailored to meet the clients needs. The first stage will be completing a referral form for our clinical team to review and advise on best options for assessment. Some packages may include a number of areas to be assessed as part of a diagnosis, EHC tribunal or complex presentation.

We work with clients in a variety of subjects but please see below for our most popular assessment topics. Please do not worry if you cannot find what you are looking for here, if you get in touch via a referral form, we will be able to give guidance on the most appropriate type of assessment or signposting suggestions.


A lot of assessments will be offered in our therapeutic centre however some parts of an assessment might take place via virtual medium, home, school or agreed location. Please see about us for our therapeutic location details.

SIPT - The Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) is a battery used to test the sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behaviour.

ADOS 2 - This is a semi-structured, standardised assessment of communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and repetitive behaviours.

 The Child Attachment and Play Assessment (CAPA): Attachment and exploration are closely related behavioural systems.

Movement Assessment Battery for Children (Movement ABC) - The Movement ABC helps to identify delay or impairment in motor development.

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